“Five Vesper Motets” delivered

After a long gestation period, I finally delivered the five choral works that will be performed in December alongside the choral sections of Monteverdi’s famous Vepsers of 1610.

It’s a fabulous idea from conductor Matthias Stoffels, and involves me replacing the 5 solo/ensemble motets from the Vespers with choral settings of the same texts. The Berlin choir ensemberlino vocale will then perform this combination Monteverdi/Lawton Vespers – without expensive soloists and instrumentalists (which can put performances of the Monteverdi out of reach for some choirs). Lots of people I’ve talked to about the project have assumed I’ve been arranging the original Monteverdi for choir, or writing new choruses in the style of Monteverdi – nothing could be further from the truth: I’ve tried to create a completely different soundworld, in a very few occasions quoting some Monteverdi for dramatic effect, almost to highlight how far we are away from it.

The work will be premiered in December in Berlin.